Dezallier d'Argenville, Antoine Joseph

The theory and practice of gardening

Wherein is fully handled all that relates to fine gardens, commonly called pleasure-gardens, as parterres, groves, bowling-greens, &c. containing divers plans, and general dispositions of gardens; new designs of parterres, groves, grass-plots, mazes, banqueting-rooms, galleries, portico's, and summer-houses of arbor-work; terrasses, stairs, fountains, cascades, and the like ornaments, of use in the decoration and embellishment of gardens. With the manner of laying out the ground, cutting the terrasses, and of drawing and executing all sorts of designs, according to the principles of geometry. The method of planting, and raising, in little time, all the plants requisite in fine gardens. Also that of discovering water, conveying it into gardens, and of making basons and fountains for the same. Together with remarks and general rules in all that concerns the art of gardening
Done from the French original, printed at Paris, anno 1709. By John James of Greenwich
Hrsg. v. John James
The theory and practice of gardening