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Worlidge, John

Systema horti-culturae

Or, the art of gardening. In three books. The I. Treateth of the excellency, scituation, soil, form, walks, arbours, springs, fountains, water-works, grotto's, statues, and other ornaments of gardens, with many rules, and directions, concerning the same. The II. Treateth of all sorts of trees planted for ornament of shade, winter-greens, flower-trees, and flowers, that are propagated or preserv'd in the gardens of the best florists, and the best way's and methods of raising, planting, and improving them. The III. Treateth of the kitchin-garden, and of the variety of plants propagated for food, or for any culinary uses: with many general and particular rules, and instructions, for the making hot beds, altering and enriching any sort of garden ground, watering, cleansing, and adapting all sorts of earth to the various plants that are usually planted therein. To the great improvement of every sort of land, as well for use and profit, as for ornament and delight
Illustrated with sculptures, representing the form of gardens, according to the newest models. By J. W., gent.
The third edition, with large additions